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Narcissus Ice Follies 5 pakk

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Høstløk leveres i september. Ved bestilling av andre vare sammen med løk og knoller blir disse levert sammen med disse i september. Skal du ha de andre varene før må du bestille i separate ordere.

Storkronet narciss i fargen hvit og krem, super lekker narciss som har gul cup når den springer ut, men falmer til kremhvit. 
. Denne narcissen blir ca 35 cm høy. Løkstørrelsen er 12/14

 Narsicuss anses å være mindre appetittlig for rådyr og markmus.

Fred. de Meulder

Fred. de Meulder



Fred. de Meulder

is one of the largest flower bulb exporting companies in the Netherlands selling worldwide. We started out exporting flower bulbs 117 years ago in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Fred. de Meulder delivers its flower bulbs to a wide variety of customers because it not only offers pre-packed flower bulbs for retail but also loose bulbs for professional growers. Our customer base consists of garden centres, wholesalers, growers, municipalities and mail order companies.

We have a strong reputation in the flower bulb industry due to our core values that we follow in our daily activities which are quality, diversity, service and professionalism. Our broad assortment varies from tulips to dahlias to lilies.


It all started in 1898 when Frederique de Meulder founded his flower bulb company in Sassenheim, the centre of the flower bulb region. Initially, the market consisted of French and Belgian customers but Frederique quickly managed to expand its market to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Germany. Not only did the company sell flower bulbs, it also had its own land parcels where the bulbs were grown.

In contrast to many other flower bulb companies Fred. de Meulder has a trademark representing a camel. The story behind the camel is the following. In the beginning of the 20st century, Fred. de Meulder sold flower bulbs to a few customers in the Middle East. One of his customers lived in Egyptian Alexandria. At one point Fred. de Meulder himself was witnessing the unloading of freight in a Mediterranean harbour. He saw how box 589 was being attached to a camel and went into the desert accompanied by an oriental man.

Apparently this image made Fred. de Meulder aware of one important thing. “My bulbs are travelling all over the world, even into the desert”. Ever since that moment the camel has been the trademark for Fred. de Meulder.






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