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Fantail fugl

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ca 16 cm bred og 14 cm høy. Alle er håndlaget og litt forskjellig.

Håndlaget i Zimbawe av resirkulert metall. De hvite er ikke malt men fra stekeovne/kjøleskap og lignende.



Established in 1998 by Jonathan Eaton, strong business ethics have always been at the heart of what we do. We use reclaimed metal materials and support local communities in Africa by providing both stable and long-term employment for our Artisans.Working closely with artists from Zimbabwe and Kenya, we’ve created high quality, unique sculptures that will complement any garden them





Deconstructing oil drums

Our sculptures are made using reclaimed scrap metal, anything from cars and fridges to oil and paint drums. Each piece is hand-crafted and completely unique, with scars and imperfections in the metal that add an abundance of character to the finished model.

The Artists gather their materials from salvage yards. This scrap metal is then burnished and cleaned before the artistic work begins.


The metal is cut into the different elements of the sculpture using a hand-operated guillotine, before being hammered into shape on a large wooden tree stump.



The next stage is to weld a framework together before attaching the other components to create the individual designs.

Finally, the sculpture is dipped in lacquer, enhancing the patina of the metal and giving a protective coating for outdoor display.

The artists at work

We work closely with the craftsmen in the design of all our products, combining experience of the team in Zimbabwe with our own design ideas and knowledge. We produce beautiful, handmade products with only limited use of modern tools such as the welding machines.

New concepts and designs are constantly being worked on in the background between us and the Artists, with new shapes, colours and materials, producing exciting new products to sit alongside our original best sellers.

We love creating beautiful art to suit every home and garden theme.

Reshaping their future

Established in 1998, strong business ethics have always been at the heart of what we do. We use reclaimed metal materials and support local communities in Africa by providing both stable and long-term work for our Artisans.


Over the past two decades, the Artists have been able to build homes, save for medical care for their families and send their children to school. We take great pride as a business knowing we are able to improve the lives of our Artists and their loved ones and will continue to do so by sharing their stories and beautiful art.


Zimbolic, sculptures that shape life.


When displaying a sculpture outdoors it is advisable to secure it. Depending on the surface there are different options available.

A tent peg can be used over the feet to secure into grass, do not peg through pond liner but place stones or a brick onto the feet.

Use small hook nails to secure onto wooden decking or fencing, use a masonry drill and screw for patio slabs or concrete.


All our sculptures are created from reclaimed metal (mild steel and galvanised) and often will already have a rustic patternation that adds character to the product. However, we dip the sculpture in clear gloss lacquer to give it a protective coating. To help maintain this finish you can periodically recoat with gloss exterior varnish or lacquer.




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